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Trench at the Museum of Human Rights

It has been a few months in the works, but we were finally able to ship the trench ordered for the new Museum of Human Rights site in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  When I went to see the installation, I was lucky … Continue reading

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Venting an Underground Trench

Traditionally, most precast trench is placed in the ground with concrete lids that protect the electrical cable from the elements or from future excavation.  One issue that arises when burying electrical cable in this fashion is that you essentially trap … Continue reading

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Where is Trenching Used?

Last weeks blog talked about what trenching is used for, so today, let’s discuss where these trenches are being used. Generally speaking, trenches can be used to protect the underground distribution of such things as fiber optics and mechanical piping, … Continue reading

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What Is barkman Trenching

As my first blog ever, I thought it would be appropriate to define for you what exactly it is that trenching is and why do people need trenching. Trenching refers to a precast concrete unit that is made up of … Continue reading

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