Spotlight: River Edge

When the Small family purchased a riverfront lot near Winnipeg, Manitoba, they knew they would eventually have to deal with the steep slope separating the house from the river. “The bank was just wild and wooded. I always had a concept that I wanted to do something tiered rather than keeping the slope,” explained homeowner Rob Small.

The grade change from the house to the river bank was 11-12 vertical feet over a 30-40 ft. area. “The slope didn’t provide a comfortable or aesthetic transition. With this project, we were trying to create a way to traverse from the upper patio down to the riverbank area where we wanted to build a new patio to enjoy that part of the yard.”

Completing the family’s vision required 3 components: tiered walls, a staircase, and the lower patio. The family used the Rosetta Outcropping Collection, Irregular Steps, Grand Flagstone Slabs, and the Belvedere Fire Pit Kit to create a tiered landscape that blends beautifully with a historic stone fireplace and nearby waterfall.


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