Choosing a Paver

Are you planning to lay down a new patio or redo your current one? In the past, enterprising landscapers such as yourself were limited to a few shapes and colours. Today, a huge assortment of concrete pavers are available, allowing you to tailor your outdoor spaces to your own personal taste. Here are a few brief guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a paver for your patio.

This small patio makes expert use of Broadway.

This small patio makes expert use of Broadway by visually elongating the space between house and garage.

Ideally, the exterior of your home should function as a natural extension of the styles established in the interior. Thinking of your patio as another room in your house can be helpful when choosing the pavers and furniture that will reside there. The architecture and colours of the exterior of your home should also be taken into account. For instance, a long, untumbled paver like Boardwalk or Broadway may not work well surrounding a victorian-style home, but could fit nicely in a contemporary setting.










Generally, smooth faced pavers like Holland, Verano, or Dynasty slabs work well in formal settings. Pavers that have been aggressively tumbled like Genova feel more casual, and are particularly well suited for a cottage or home that is going for a country aesthetic. For those looking for a middle ground, a paver like Roman or Tuscan are the perfect way to go. While still tumbled, these pavers have a smoother surface, allowing them to fit seamlessly in nearly any setting.

What paver colour you choose is largely a matter of personal preference. However, there are a number of general guidelines. Avoid choosing a colour that too closely matches the colour of your house, or that significantly contrasts it. The idea is to choose colours that complement your house without making the space too monotone. If the patio will receive a lot of traffic, consider going with a blended colour like antique brown or sierra grey. Blended colours hide stains better than pavers with a single tone and are more visually interesting.

In the end, barkman’s paver collection has something for every home and garden space. The tips in this guide can get you started as you plan your ideal outdoor space. For more information, feel free to contact a contractor or visit one of our dealers to see first hand what we have to offer.

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  1. I like pavers which go well with other outdoor living elements in my home. I prefer concrete since it is easy to maintain and has low installation costs. Furthermore, there are so many options when it comes to concrete pavers.

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