Mississippi Grind

A couple of weeks ago, barkman got the word that Red Bull was putting together an adventure on the Mississippi. The problem was that we only got the word about 3 weeks before the features they wanted needed to be shipped. Under normal circumstances this is real issue and with our heavy work load it looked impossible. We brainstormed a bit and came up with the idea of sending features from parks already built to in order to save time. It worked and we put together one of the coolest things to float down the Mississippi ever!

The main focus of this event was to bring locals together and spot light all the great skate boarding talent in contests along the banks of the great Mississippi. This contest series was funded 100% by Red Bull and the price tag wasn’t cheap at 1 million dollars. This whole crazy tour is being filmed and will be airing on TV in the months to come.

Check out the 180' barge disguised as a skate park, you’d never know it wasn’t sitting in the river.

Because barkman built the features for the barge contest I was able to get right on the barge and take close ups of our features which looked and performed perfectly all weekend

Unlike other skate board events this was free for anyone to come out and watch. All sitting and standing room was taken up by spectators cheering on their favorite local skaters.

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