The Harvest Grove Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen
Introducing the Harvest Grove Kitchen ﹣ a collection of eight pre-packaged modular kits that can be configured to fit any backyard size. Like the Stone Oasis Kit Collection, each Harvest Grove kitchen kit comes with everything needed for assembly, including pre-cut pieces, stainless steel components, adhesive and detailed instructions.
Kit options include the Prep Station with Waste Receptacle, Bar with Fridge, Pizza Oven, Side Burner, and various countertop extensions. Each kit is built to withstand all climates.
At the center of the Harvest Grove Kitchen is the BBQ grill. With 304 professional grade stainless steel construction, high performance burners, rotisserie and a lifetime warranty to back it all up, you’ll have everything you need to create an outdoor gourmet cooking experience like no other.

For information, contact your local dealer.

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Best Booth at Winnipeg Home Expressions Show


The 40th annual Winnipeg Home Expressions Show took place this past weekend and barkman was there! This year, we showed off our new Harvest Grove Outdoor Kitchen kits as well as the Bridgewood slab, a new hardscapes option for 2014. If you missed out, be sure to catch us at one of the many trade shows running through out Western Canada this year, including at the Brandon Home and Leisure Show this weekend.

Update: The Winnipeg Free Press wrote a great article on the Home Expressions Show. The piece mentions barkman’s Bridgewood slab. You can read it here.

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Our 2014 “Spaces to Live in” Catalogue is Here!



At barkman, we are proud to present our 2014 hardscapes product catalogue “Spaces to live in.“ Within the matte pages you will notice that we took your feedback into consideration to give you a better buying experience. Our latest catalogue includes new product images and a more accessible color swatch layout within each product page. 2014 brings with it exciting and innovative new product offerings and we feel that barkman’s new “Spaces to live in” catalogue represents them well.
Download a copy here or visit one of our dealers to pick up a copy today!

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Spotlight: River Edge

When the Small family purchased a riverfront lot near Winnipeg, Manitoba, they knew they would eventually have to deal with the steep slope separating the house from the river. “The bank was just wild and wooded. I always had a concept that I wanted to do something tiered rather than keeping the slope,” explained homeowner Rob Small.

The grade change from the house to the river bank was 11-12 vertical feet over a 30-40 ft. area. “The slope didn’t provide a comfortable or aesthetic transition. With this project, we were trying to create a way to traverse from the upper patio down to the riverbank area where we wanted to build a new patio to enjoy that part of the yard.”

Completing the family’s vision required 3 components: tiered walls, a staircase, and the lower patio. The family used the Rosetta Outcropping Collection, Irregular Steps, Grand Flagstone Slabs, and the Belvedere Fire Pit Kit to create a tiered landscape that blends beautifully with a historic stone fireplace and nearby waterfall.


“Spot Light” is a column that highlights some of the best landscaping projects in North America. Know of a great spot that uses barkman? Contact us on TwitterFacebookemail or leave a comment on our blog.

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Happy 2014 everyone. Like many of you, we’ve made our own new years resolutions, and that is to continue to create new and exciting concrete products. We have some incredible things lined up for the coming year and we are looking forward to sharing them with you.
As a primer for things to come, we’d like to introduce Bridgewood, a concrete slab with a realistic wood texture created from actual wood planks. Unlike traditional wood surfaces, Bridgewood will never rot or warp. It is also far more durable than stamped concrete. With two color options and three available sizes, we can’t wait to see how you use it.

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Spot Light: Predator Ridge

British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley is undeniably one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada. It comes as no surprise then, that the landscaping work is equally stunning. This multi-tiered backyard in Predator Ridge is a perfect example. The central focal point is a gorgeous infinity pool, overlooking one of the two golf courses in Predator Ridge.


The pool is flanked by a hot tub on the right and a slide on the left. Rosetta Outcropping and Belvedere retaining wall have been used to wonderful effect to surround each element and seamlessly integrate them into the patio. Better yet, both the Outcropping and Belvedere walls provide natural places to sit and climb, resulting in a space that is far more dynamic than a traditional poolside. Rosetta Dimensional and irregular steps are used to build the various transitions within the space. The rough texture of each step provides the much needed traction a poolside location requires while still maintaining the comfort of a uniform rise.
Carefully selected plants around the pool and on the slide structure complement the texture of the Outcropping beautifully, providing an additional layer of visual interest while ensuring the space feels like a natural extension of the surrounding landscape.

“Spot Light” is a column that highlights some of the best landscaping projects in North America. Know of a great spot that uses barkman? Contact us on TwitterFacebookemail or leave a comment on our blog.

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Red River College Buy a Brick Campaign

Red River College
Barkman is proud to be partnering with Red River College for their “Build our Future – Buy a Brick” campaign. The recently launched program will raise money for various initiatives at the school, including buying new, state-of-the-art equipment and supporting equal access to education. The bricks will be be installed at Red River’s Notre Dame Campus as well as the Exchange District Campus. For more information, visit the Red River College website.

Image courtesy of AJ Batac.

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Barkman and Cory Aronec Photography

Photo season is in full swing here at barkman which is always an exciting time for us. It’s a great chance to feature some of the best landscaping work in Western Canada as well as see many of our new products in action. This year we are working closely with award-winning photographer, Cory Aronec who has done some amazing work for us in the past including the Signature Award-nominated photography for our 2012 Stone OasisKit line. Cory began as a wedding photographer but quickly became known for his excellent architectural and commercial portraiture. Cory says that working with barkman is “both a challenging and rewarding…Multiple shoots featuring a wide variety of subjects are planned each day, requiring a photographer to think on his or her feet and make the most out of each location.” We’re glad to have him as an honorary member of the barkman team and look forward to more excellent work in the years to come.

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Fall Paver Care and Maintenance

Many of us have a special place in our hearts for fall. Even if summer is over and winter is right around the bend, the few weeks of warm sweaters, crisp evening walks and spiced drinks are wonderful.

As you winterize your pool, weatherproof your perennials, and put your summer gear away, spend some time preparing your driveway, patio and walkways for winter. A little bit of maintenance now can save you a lot of time later.

As the trees begin to shed their leaves, take a moment to sweep dirt and dry leaves off your hardscapes. If left alone, these leaves will eventually decay over the long winter and stain the surface of your pavers. We also recommend removing any patio decor or furniture that could rust over time. These stains can be removed, but often require detergents and a bit of scrubbing. Save yourself the trouble and keep your hardscapes clear.

Unless your lucky enough to live in an area that doesn’t dip below zero, you may want to lay down a de-icer as snow begins to accumulate. Sodium chloride or rock salt is the most common product available. However, it should be mixed with sand and used sparingly. Any melted ice should be promptly shovelled aside so that it does not refreeze later. Overusing any de-icing product will result in paver damage down the line. Furthermore, most de-icers will become increasingly ineffective as temperatures drop. When winter is in full swing, we recommend using sand exclusively to aid traction.

In the end, it doesn’t take much effort to keep your pavers safe and free of stains during the fall, ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces in every season of the year.

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New Skate Parks, New Skate Photos

Spohn Ranch has a fantastic selection of photographs on their flickr page featuring many of the skate parks we’ve worked on in partnership with the company. Each park is world-class and we are proud to have had a part in building them. These images feature parks in Miami, Maple Grove, Sea Isle City and Ponce in Puerto Rico.

Like what you see? Check out to learn more.

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